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I Don’t Wanna

So have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t want to get up and… (insert: go to work, feed the animals, clean the kitchen, etc.)?  I am having one of those days.  Weekends, in fact.  I am so disappointed that I frittered away my weekend and don’t even have clean counter tops to show for it.  And today, I still feel sluggy, and don’t feel like I have the right to.

It leads me to wonder… how did we cope with this in the past?  Surely this is not a new human condition.  Let’s see…

Stone Age:  Chuck another log on the fire in your hut and go back to sleep if you want to.  No time cards to worry about now.  But wait.  Maybe there are kids who keep opening the door to your hut and chorusing “I’m hungry” (if you have kids, you know exactly what this sounds like).  There is no Wii to keep them occupied until you’re done sleeping in.  And more.  All the other people in camp are up with the sun getting going and now you look like the lazy Lucy.  The guilt sets in.  Your stomach rumbles. Breakfast isn’t going to hunt and gather itself.  Ugh.  It’s cold out there.  But hey, you drag yourself out of your furs and get your stone age day under way.  No work, no eat.  Perhaps it’s just better to get it over with and you can nap at noon if you need to.

Agricultural Age:  The chickens are up at daybreak.  But you aren’t.  And don’t plan to be.  But wait.  If you don’t let them out, you’ll throw them off and maybe they won’t lay as much.  And then there is the perpetual feeding and clean water.  Gotta do that.  Perhaps there are other animals that need the same care too.  Milking perhaps.  Plus, breakfast won’t fry itself.  Ugh.  So you drag yourself out of bed and get your agricultural age day underway.  No work, no eat.  Maybe you can nap after morning chores.

Information Age:  The alarm goes off a daybreak and you wonder why you have it set to sports radio.  You ignore it.  Three times. But wait.  Then you start to get that little warning that if you don’t get up NOW, you won’t have time for hair and makeup, and you’ll be late for your teleconference, and traffic will only be getting worse.  Plus, the coffee won’t brew itself.  So you drag yourself from under the comforter and get your information age day under way.  No work, no direct deposit. Maybe you can nap on you lunch hour in your car.

So what is the moral of the story?  I think as long as we’ve been human, we’ve had days like this.  How do we fix it?  By having the discipline to do what we need to do, sort of close to when we need to do it.  It isn’t fun, and sometimes we don’t wanna, but this too shall pass and we will feel better.  Just gotta get through today.  And besides, we can always take a nap at lunch.

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