The Peeper Keeper

My project du jour was cleaning out the chicken coop (aka the peeper keeper).  I built this coop in 2006 and ever since then it has been yearning to fulfill its destiny.  I am glad to say its day has dawned.

The coop is really meant to be for roosting and egg laying.  It has a secure fenced yard and is approximately 60 sq/ft. But they will have much more room than that.  I plan to fence off a large portion of my yard where they can range during the day, and then retreat to the coop at night and to lay.  They can also stay in the coop while I’m on vacation.

I am posting the before pics.  They are about as glamorous as an unfurnished low budget apartment.  There is a lot left to do, such as install roosts and nest boxes, hang their door, put down bedding, do a safety check, and screen for rodents.  But I think it will shape up nicely.

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