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Urine Big Trouble Now…

There I said it.  Pee-pee.  Number one. Tinkles-n-sprinkles.  No matter what you call it, it’s something we all know about.  This is not a very lady-like conversation, but hey, we keep it real here on the farm.

I was paying my municipal water bill and got to thinking about ways I can save money/conserve water.  We live in Southern California, which is quite dry.  Relying on an outside source of water is one of this farm’s weakest links.  Being efficient is essential.  So why am I wasting approximately 21-35 gallons of beautiful, clean, potable water a day on Number Ones?

I did the math.  According to the Southern California Edison Home Energy And Water Efficiency Survey I took (, flushing  is 10% of my total water bill.  I account for approximately 5% of that because I am home the most.  If I found a way to reduce/eliminate that, I could save myself $3.27/month.    And that’s after tax dollars, so we’re really looking at a staggering  $5.00 gross a month.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a trip to Starbucks or a packet of seeds.  Or it can be put into savings for a rainy day or repairs.  The point is, every dollar is precious, just like every drop of water.  If you don’t treat it with respect you are literally flushing it away.

What to do?  Well, I figure there are two ways to go.   Flush less or not at all.  My sister taught a nifty saying during a past drought “if it’s yellow let it mellow, brown flush it down” (good advice, Sis!).  So, we can make a difference by flushing less.  Or, the alternative… not at all.  Urine is a terrific organic fertilizer, don’t you know!  Harness that resource, feed your plants, conserve water, and save money, all at the same time!  Google it if you don’t believe me.

I think I will give you all a chance to catch your breath now.  I’m just putting it out there as an idea.  You will never know my personal strategy because I want you all to keep coming over for parties.  Yes, this is a weird conversation, and most of the time we’ll talk about much nicer things.  But the honest truth is that we use a lot of resources in our modern American lives and sometimes we have to take a hard look at what we are really doing.  So thanks for hanging in there and keeping it real on the farm!

4 thoughts on “Urine Big Trouble Now…

  1. Lol, what a great video! That explains the $6000 water bill. Fortunately Nala isn't smart enough to figure that out.

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