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Thank You very Mulch

It looks like we are out of the woods for now with the freezing weather.  The thick blanket of mulch on the garden was a huge success, I didn’t loose a single seedling.  The avocado tree got hit the worst, loosing all the tender new leaves and flowers that were on the outside of the plant.  I had the tree bagged, but the cold still seemed to kill the outside leaves and flowers.  The few flowers at the core of the plant seem to have made it.  The citrus did well, but my biggest navel orange got its new leaves nipped because I forgot to bag it on the worst night. 

I found it is better to make the effort to save them, because loosing most still isn’t as bad as loosing it all.  I may yet have avocados next year because of the bagging efforts.  It was a pain, but it was worth it, and I know I’ll be happy come guacamole season.

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