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Cheep Skate: Chicken Nesting Boxes

The chicken’s nesting boxes are finally complete.  This was the last major project toward getting the chickens ready for egg season.

I can pinch a penny so hard it leaves a mark.  When I was at the feed store and online, I saw three-compartment plywood nest boxes for $40-$60.  That seemed a little pricey to me, I thought I could build my own for a lot less.  A trip to the dollar store and 10 bucks later, I had all the supplies I needed.  I built and installed them all yesterday, and I must say I think it will work beautifully. Plus I saved around $30.  Now the ladies should be comfy cozy when it comes time to make me some eggs!

I have attached a pic below.  I have the full album on Facebook it you’d like to see how I put them together and maybe try it for yourself.  I think the only thing I’d like to add to the boxes is a poop shield for the top. I’ll let you know as soon as I find an egg in there!

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