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Yeast Infection

I wanted to try my hand at bread making today.  I have a bread machine, which I love, but the baking pan is vertical and I don’t like the heavy, squarish loaves it makes.  I had this idea that I would let the bread machine do the kneading and the first rise, then I would extract the dough, shape it, and let it do its final rise in bread pans, thus producing a more traditional loafy shape.

It was an epic fail.  I was buzzing happily along with my loaves bench proofing in the greenhouse (which is an ideal environment for rising dough, BTW), and my tea towel stuck to the lop of the loaf and tore it open.  I can already see yet another flop in a long line of flopped bread loaves.  I want to be famous for my home baked bread, and by famous, I mean my kids don’t complain and will eat it for their lunch sandwiches.  Right now is looks more like a squirt of wall insulation foam than a gorgeous crusty loaf.  Maybe the chickens will eat it for their lunch instead.

On the bright side, I do make pizza dough regularly in my bread machine with great success.  I can make a huge family pizza and two personal pizzas for about four bucks.  The most expensive ingredient is the cheese.

As for bread, I will try again tomorrow.  I have this fancy, complicated recipy from Food Network I am going to try because I am a glutton for punishment.  I figure if I blow it on a small scale with my simple loaves, I may as well blow it on a large scale and waste at least 18 hours of my time to boot.  I’ll let you know if it turns out well, or if I have simply made another donation to the compost bin.

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