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Gardening: Into the Closet

The pumpkins I was so giddy about are still sitting on the table in the backyard.  That is because I have a secret weakness: I have nowhere to store my root vegetables.

I have been aware of this problem for years.  I’ve run through several scenarios in my head, ranging from digging pits in the ground to hay bale cellars to coolers in my garage.  All of them are complicated, time consuming, and require an investment.

Today I came up with a potential solution.  It is unorthodox, but it fits the bill.  What I need is a space that remains at a cool, stable temperature all year.  The best place in the house, interestingly enough, is the floor of my bedroom closet.   My project du jour tomorrow is to clear out a space and get a basket in which I can store my beauties.

I’m pretty excited about this.  Granted it will be a place for my roots, not my fruits, but fruit and veggie storage is a whole different post.  As time goes on, I would like to bring that level of sophistication to the show, but for now, we’ll take is one solution at a time.



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