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Gardening: The Monster Gets a Haircut

I harvested pumpkins today.  The vine sure did its best to provide me with produce.  Unfortunately, I did not anticipate how successful the pumpkin would be this year and did not build a structure that could handle the weight.  I didn’t even know how bad it was until I started cutting down pumpkins.  Those suckers are heavy, and there were a lot.

I did the math, and I netted 30.75 lbs of pumpkins.  I had to Google the price for organic pumpkins because there aren’t any to be found around here at this time of year (yay for me, I get “off season” produce – cool!).  Anyway, the average price is about $1.00 per pound, so until I know better, I’ll go with that.  That’s $30 in my pocket today, plus all the other intangible benefits of eating home grown produce.  Today is a good day.

The next step is storage.  My plan for the time being is to let them cure in the shade, then move them to long term storage in the coolest part of the garage as soon as possible.  This is probably as much pumpkin as my family will eat in a year.  One of the things I’m liking the best about this is that pumpkins are self contained and store pretty well.  But storage is another episode.  I’ll keep you posted.

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