Trifecta! A Little Bit of Everything

I had a great day today.  I rolled all over this county collecting feed, receiving advice, and getting weird new plants for the garden.  Today had a little bit of everything, and I’m calling in a Trifecta.  Here’s the scoop:

DestinationA: Nopalito Nursery.  As you well know, it’s my favorite plant spot on the planet.  Not only is it a native plant nursery, which is cooler than cool, but Rick and Antonio never fail to be interesting and courteous. Plus they carry my favorite brand of organic soil complete with worm poop right in it.  It’s so worth the drive.  Because I needed some more soil to finish transplanting the last of my winter tomatoes, I saddled up and plowed out there to get it.  This where it gets good.  I asked Antonio what’s new for winter veggies, and he took me straight over the the flats of miner’s lettuce.  Not only was this a Stone Age food native to California, but he let me eat some right off the plants I was looking to buy because he knew their history and that they had not been sprayed.  I defy you to have that experience at Home Depot.  In any case, I found them to be delicious, and they fit the sustainable bill perfectly.  Win!

This is miner’s lettuce, a delicious California native that has become a new garden favorite.

Destination B: The Trading Post.  This old school feed store is my chicken Mecca and I look forward to running out of organic pellets just so I can get more and pick Pat’s brain.   She is a treasure trove of chickenly wisdom and is my go-to person when I need advice.  She helped me when Mrs. Gold was coughing, and today she gave me sage counsel on why Mrs. Mouth is so dang loud.  Chickens, she explained, are like people.  Sometimes you just get one who has a big mouth and likes to talk.  Its who they are and what they do.  My fear was that Mrs. Mouth was acting out an alpha-female thing, and that if I removed her, some other hen would ascend to the throne and be just as bossy.  But while it is true that Mrs. Mouth is an alpha-female, Pat  says the loudness is probably a personality thing, not a pecking order thing.  I was glad to hear it and glad for the neighborly advice.  She’s earned my feed business for life for that tid-bit.

I got a lot done today.  Native Stone Age food discovered and incorporated into garden? Check.  Resupply of organic pellets and Agricultural Age chicken chat? Check. Bringing it all to you in the Information Age via interwebs? Check.  Oh yeah, its a Trifecta sort of day!

3 thoughts to “Trifecta! A Little Bit of Everything”

  1. I did have the same situation with an “alpha female” loud girl, but once she was gone, thankfully, no one stepped in to take her place 🙂

    So far, so good, on the home front!

    1. Wonderful to hear! So far we are doing well, we had a little bagocking this morning but it was NOTHING compared to Mrs. Mouth. My nerves are finally starting to relax. 🙂 I hope we’re in the clear!

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