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Vegetable Garden: One Potato, Two Potato, When to Harvest

When Is It Time?

Potatoes make it easy on you when it comes to the harvest.  They let you know it’s time by dying back.  The green tops that were so verdant only six weeks ago start to droop, turn yellow and waste away.  In the above picture, the left image represents the potatoes at their peak in early June.  In the image on the right, you can see what they look like today.  I have already dug a few out for eating, but have not cleared the patch – the space is empty because the potato tops have died back and disappeared.

Looking Bad is Looking Good

If you are new to growing potatoes, never fear.  If they were looking great and now look terrible, it is a good sign.  Dig up your lovely rewards for fresh eating, or cure them for later use.  You’ve worked hard for this, it’s time to enjoy!

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