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Preserving and Dehydrating Food, Stone Age Style

What is the Experiment?

Preserving food by dehydrating it is one of the oldest ways we’ve used to prepare food for storage. I’ve dehydrated food before, but only inside and using a modern device with a plug.

So how did they do it in the old days? What were the problems you needed to watch out for? What about dirt, flies, and animals? How long did it take to work? I have no idea what the answer is tho some of these questions, but we’re going to find out.

How are we going to find out? By jamming tomatoes on a stick, leaving them out in the sun and wind, and observing what happens. My hopes are that by plunging in and giving it a try, I can rediscover the old way of preserving food, no plug required.I’ll keep you posted as we go, let’s see what happens!

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