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Natural Pest Control: Letting Nature Find Balance

This is a newcomer to Suburban Stone Age. I believe it’s a female flame skimmer dragonfly, and she’s been grooming the compost pile for gnats. I was hoping for her arrival to keep their population in check. 

I am finding that over time (2+ years), the outbreaks of populations of pests has been much less. Lately, when something pest-y gets unbalanced, I wait and observe. Sure enough, along comes something else that eats it. I’m coming to see that a few pests are ok, a few holes in leaves are ok. If you create a well-rounded environment, there will always be low levels of everything, but nothing gets out of hand. The system balances itself.

Allowing things to sort themselves out saves a lot of stress, time, and labor on my part. It is a leap of faith to be patient, but as long as the fundamentals are sound, Nature will find her balance.

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