Forecasting Weather is for the Birds

The birds are teaching me things. A huge wave of migrating birds passed through the yard yesterday. Warblers, towhees, and white crowned sparrows, in addition to the regular bushtits, house sparrows, hummingbirds, and black phoebes made for a huge bird day. Why all the activity? Why yesterday?

My hypothesis is that the migrants are moving ahead of a change in weather. I am observing to see if pulses of birds are a few days ahead of rain. It is already raining today in Northern California, and the weather here changed yesterday from warm and sunny to cool, moist and cloudy. The birds tipped me off, the Internet will confirm if what I suspect is true.
I started noticing the activities of migrating birds in a new way after I posted an interesting infographic. It has some other great tips on looking at the weather, Stone Age style, and can be found here.  I’m practicing with it myself, and so far it seems to have very good rules of thumb. Try it for yourself and see if you too can find out what Nature is trying to tell you about the weather.

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