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Freezing My Eggs Off – One Year Later

 No eggs Now?  Why?

This autumn finds us desperate for fresh eggs.  Our mature hens have slowed way down in egg production (due to fall and molting season) and our pullets haven’t started laying yet.  That leaves us with one fresh egg every 2-3 days for seven chickens.  I refuse to buy eggs from the store, so we are really feeling the pain.

Last year at this time we were drowning in eggs.  We had eight young hens and were getting 6-8 fresh eggs per day.  It was way too much, so I experimented with freezing them.  Good thing I did, because I’ve been using those frozen eggs for  waffles during these lean egg times.

How did it go?

What can you expect from frozen eggs?  It was my experience that a frozen and CAREFULLY defrosted egg would suffice just fine for baked goods (such as pancakes).  You do need to be careful though – while defrosting your eggs there is a fine line between warming them and cooking them.  Putting the eggs in a jar that is in a warm water bath should be enough to get the process going.  Make sure you leave enough lead time for it to do its work, you want go slow and gentle.

Were you glad you did?

All in all, I’m very pleased to have this emergency supply of home grown eggs.  I’m not sure they’re fit for frying, but they will certainly find their way into winter recipes.  If you have a surplus of eggs, don’t be afraid to give frozen eggs a try.  You may thank yourself come winter.

Take Action!

Have you frozen eggs before?  Have any tips to share?  If you’d like to try freezing eggs or have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear it!


One thought on “Freezing My Eggs Off – One Year Later

  1. I always got eggs during winter in Northern MN, the hens just need 14 hours of “daylight” to continue laying. I’d just leave a light on for them until I went to bed at night. And all eggs that were frozen in the shell before I got out there to pick them fried up just fine, if you don’t mind them scrambled.

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