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Thanksgiving : Top 5 Countdown

So Much to be Thankful for!

It has been almost two years since we began our adventures living a more sustainable life.  In that time, we’ve harvested $1793.49 in food from our backyard, collected and eaten 1402 eggs, managed to find something to do with 151 pounds of tomatoes, baked and devoured almost 200 loaves of bread, line dried 102 loads of laundry, and canned 57.5 quarts of food.  And boy are we tired!  With the holidays coming, it is time to take a step back, catch our breath, and reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

Top 5 on the Thankful List:

Let’s begin by counting off the top five things we’re thankful for.

Number Five on the Thankful List are definitely the chickens.  My lovely feathered ladies are the beating heart of Suburban Stone Age.  They produce eggs, eat bugs, make fertilizer, till the soil, turn the compost, and keep me endlessly entertained – all for the price of scratch.  I can see what the human-chicken partnership has endured for 8000 years or so… they are consummate multi-taskers and utterly indispensable.  Thank you Ladies!

Number Four goes to… the garden!  “The garden” is really many things… the soil and all its critters, the plants that live there, the compost that feeds it, and the human that tends it.   I ask a lot of my garden, but I nurture and cherish it too, and in return it has fed us an amazing array of vegetables.   It also represents something more – it is the proof that I can indeed feed myself with my own two hands.   It is the gifts that the garden brings that I am thankful for – both the tangible gift of vegetables and the intangible gift of confidence.

Our wild friends are Number Three on the Thankful List.  They include the birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, mushrooms, worms, spiders, and more.  Why are they important?  Having a massive amount of biodiversity at Suburban Stone Age has led to may benefits.  For one, I don’t have outbreaks of pests on my food crops like I have had in the past.  Second, by having diverse insect and bird life I receive the service of pollination, which helps me grow more food.  Finally, the sheer pleasure of their company is enough to make my day.  I give thanks for the the wild things because of their helping hand and because they bring me joy.

Number Two on the Thankful List is family!   Providing for my family is the “why” of Suburban Stone Age, and I’d never be where I am today without their support.  Plus they put up with all my wacky ideas.

Who’s Number One?

And the Number One spot goes to… (drum roll, please)… you!   I started out by blogging to nobody, thinking I was the only one who was interested in this sort of thing.  But on my adventures in living a more sustainable modern life, I came to meet so many amazing people.  I am constantly inspired, educated, and entertained by the community I have found.  I am Thankful for you, Fellow Adventurers, the journey is long but you make it worth the ride.

 Stick Around and Join the Fun!

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