The Bug House: Attract Ladybugs and Mason Bees

Why The Bug House?

bug hotel suburban stone age smBeneficial insects, such as ladybugs and mason bees, provide important garden services. They play a big role in organic pest control and crop pollination.  You can attract these beneficial insects to your garden by providing habitat for them in the form of bug houses.  Bug houses can be purchased online (see left photo), or you can build your own with materials found around the house.

DIY Bug House

The picture below is an example of a bug house I built in 15 minutes using reclaimed scrap wood.  I followed the basic plan found on  Using a variety of bit diameters, I drilled several holes into scrap wood and hung them from the garden fence. It was a simple, fast, and easy project.  This type of bug house attracts solitary bees, such as mason and leafcutter bees.

Bee House update collage sm

Bees in the Bug House

leafcutter bee suburban stone ageThe DIY Bug house was a big success.  The very next day, leafcutter bees began to move in.

Try a Bug House in your Garden

Give a bug house a try in your garden this Spring!  We’d love to hear what insects call it home.  If you’ve already tried a bug house, leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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