Everything Loves to Eat Chicken: A Guide to Securing Your Coop from Predators

Nobody wants to come home and find a crime scene in their coop.

Having recently suffered the loss of my entire flock of chickens, I devoted myself to researching ways to rebuild my coop more securely.

I wanted to help other chicken keepers avoid the same heartache I experienced, so I complied this table of predators and coop solutions.  The goal is to help folks in many different situations mix and match their approach to protecting their chickens from predators.

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Chicken Coop Predators INFO

4 thoughts to “Everything Loves to Eat Chicken: A Guide to Securing Your Coop from Predators”

  1. Hi I live in the city have a very small yard and coop , no chickens as of yet I’m thinking no more than four chickens please tell me your thoughts for this as far as size and coop you can find picks @ Facebook.

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for your comment. You don’t need a massive backyard to have a few chickens. The most important things in my opinion are that they have access to fresh air, sunlight, dust bath material, a varied diet, and are safe and sheltered at night. How many square feet do you have available? Thanks!

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