There’s No Place Like Home: Bird Houses for Western Bluebirds

The Western Bluebird is a cavity nesting bird that has been in decline due to habitat loss.   They also eat insects, which is helpful in my organic gardening efforts.  Because Suburban Stone Age was once Western Bluebird habitat, I have devoted myself to restoring habitat to them by providing the one thing they need most: bird houses for nesting.

I’ve installed two Bluebird specific bird houses with the hopes of attracting breeding Western Bluebirds this spring.  These bird houses have been build to attract Bluebirds while discouraging competitors, such as House Sparrows, and predators, such as Scrub Jays.


Our efforts may be paying off.  This morning we had sighted a Western Bluebird female in our yard for the first time ever.  Hopefully she found the bird house and is keeping it in mind for breeding season.

We are not alone in our efforts to help the Western Bluebirds.  Below is a video form California’s beloved Huell Howser on what is being done to help Bluebirds recover.  If you would like to learn more about  Western Bluebirds, you can also visit the North American Bluebird Society.

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