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Chicken Nesting Box Plans

Buying a nesting box (or boxes) for your chickens can be expensive.  If you are looking to save a little money, here are some plans for the DIY nesting box I built for my coop.

Materialsnest box 1

  •  At least two matching dishpans 
  • Snips
  • Cable ties (at least four per nesting box)
  • Drill


  •  Using your snips, cut an opening into one of the short sides of the dish pan.  Make it half as wide as the dishpan.  Repeat this step for the second dish pan.nest box 2
  • Flip one dish pan on top of the other, lining up the rims
  • Drill a couple drainage holes into the bottom dish pan, just in case
  • Drill matching holes into the rims of the dishpans, at least two on each side
  • Insert cable ties into the holes and then close the cable ties.  This binds the two dish pans together.  Trim the tails of the cable ties.
  • Repeat steps to make additional nesting boxes

Add To Your Coop!

Add some fresh straw and place your new DIY nest box in your chicken coop.

nest box 6


  • Better quality plastic will last longer
  • Make sure it is strong enough to withstand chickens jumping on them – because they will!
  • When you cut the entrance holes in the dish pan, use a flame to soften the plastic edges if they are sharp.  This will protect your chickens.


I hope you found these chicken nesting box plans useful and easy.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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