(Journal) Documenting the day to day life of a suburban homestead

As the years roll by and Suburban Stone Age matures, I felt is was important to capture the thoughts and feelings that went along with building a more sustainable modern life. Not everyone may be interested in reading the “touchy-feely” parts all of the time, so I made a special blog post category just for this purpose.

This has been a very special journey and I felt documenting the real-life early years was important for the future. You never know, in 100 years from now, there may me some mundane detail buried in the archives that turns out to be important. Or not. Either way, the story should be told.

If you are interested in the highs and lows, the struggle and triumphs, and what it takes in terms of day-to-day emotional and physical effort to get a suburban homestead up and running, I welcome you to read on.

The community that has grown up around Suburban Stone Age is one of the most important things about this journey. I value very dearly all the Fellow Adventurers I have come to meet around the world. This is your story too, I encourage you to join in the conversation so we can document our lives and times in our journey towards sustainability.

Thank you again, and I look forward to our travels together. Farm on!

Rebecca Simpson

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