Rain Barrels and Harvesting Rain Water – Rain Water Solutions Micro-Documentary

Rain Water Solutions partnered with Suburban Stone Age to film this micro-documentary on the impact rain barrels can have towards making sustainable changes at Home. We have had rain barrels for three years now, and they have been the instrumental in helping us survive the historic California drought. Enjoy this video and please leave us questions in the comments if you’d like to know more about harvesting rain water with rain barrels.

Video Transcript

[Music] sustainable living to me is leaving the earth better than it was when you came here we raise our own chickens we grow our own vegetables we use rainwater to irrigate as much as we can any little way that we can keep the resources from our home within our home and continue to use it to benefit ourselves he is something that’s more sustainable I [Music] first got my rainwater barrels when I was notified in my water bill that the county was sponsoring a rainwater barrel rebate program all I had to do is participate the county helped me step up and do something that was good for the whole community by recycling a resource that may otherwise just go straight to the sewer what I loved about them is that they did all the thinking for me anything that I thought I needed was already thought about in that rain barrel I went inside opened up the little accessory package set it up and I just modified my rain gutters to now shunt into the top of the barrel I did use a little hose so that when the barrel is full I can drain it where I want it also I have a hose for the overflow so that I can collect a barrels worth of water to use at my discretion when it isn’t raining [Music] we get most of our rain during the winter I stopped counting at five thousand seven thousand gallons right in there it’s astonishing how much water you can collect my kids grew up seeing that all the little changes you can make add up to making a pretty big difference making these improvements is really an accumulation of little baby steps as you go a rain barrel is perfect way to start because you can take something that was formerly wasted and you can use it to grow herbs for your salad or a favorite tree that you like or even flowers that are beautiful and make you happy rain barrels make a big difference and it’s something small you can do right away [Music]

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