How Easy Is It To Plant Garlic? Video

How Easy Is It To Plant Garlic?

Turns out, really easy!  This video explains how to plant garlic quickly and easily.  Use extra cloves from your store bought garlic to get garlic planted in your garden fast and cheap!  Leave us a comment if you have any tips to share on easy ways to plant garlic!

Video Transcript

good morning everyone and welcome to suburban stone-age and today we’re going to talk about how easy it is to plant garlic if you’re like me fall is a really busy time of year and it’s easy to let the fall gardening get away from us but fortunately garlic is super fast and easy to plant and today we’re gonna show you how to do it so you can get your fall garden started as soon as possible before you get started planning just make sure that your bed is prepared so debris is have been removed and your soil is ready to receive the garlic it’s been moistened and turned and easy to plant and once you’ve got that going you’re ready to actually plant your gloves the garlic we’ll be using today is from the grocery store it’s left over from cloves I used for cooking I’ll always set aside just a couple use them use some in my recipe and then set a couple aside to plant and the one that I choose are healthy and big with no soft spots or discolorations so they just sit there dry and wait for me to plant and I’ve been collecting them over the summer and that’s what I’m going to use to plant the garden so the spacing for planting garlic is pretty easy the idea is is that lets say this protective garlic you want to leave one heads worth on one side one heads worth on the other side and basically in all directions so there’s a couple easy ways to measure that out you can either use your hand to space it so it’s about a hand width apart in either direction or I use my garden trowel so I can tell it’s it’s I already have it in my hands and I just put the next one over here this is where I got to put the next clove and I do that in all directions so that’s one way to test far as planting depth is concerned the rule of thumb is that you want to plant it as deep as the clove is tall so that’s about a thumb in depth or you can also use your garden trowel again and as a planting guide so it’s also a convenient way to poke a hole in the soil so you poke it and just kind of jam it down to the right depth you got a nice hole there take the garlic pop it in you cover it up and you’re good to go you can move on use space off to the next one another tip when planting garlic is to make sure that you put the root side down so you can see the little root node here that’s the blunt side and then you point it with the pointy end which is where it will sprout you point that up so that’s the direction that the garlic will go into the ground here’s a quick tip if you have garlic cloves that are too small to be used for cooking or to plant in your main garden don’t throw them away just tuck them in the roots of your fruit cheese and that will help to deter insects and rats once the garlic’s been planted cover everything up smooth off the soil and it’s time to give it a good watering protect your bed with mulch to help conserve moisture and you’re on your way and that’s all there is to it it’s so easy to plant garlic just takes a few minutes and it’s very fast and very simple if you enjoyed this video please give the video a thumbs up subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and feel free to like this video and leave a comment if you have any tips to share on planting garlic in your garden and how fast and easy it can be for you thanks again for watching and we look forward to seeing you next time

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