Woman vs. Desert – Adventure Calls ep. 1

Mojave Desert CanyonHello Fellow Adventurers!  You are about to see the conception, execution, and conclusion of a real life solo adventure in the desert.  Welcome to Woman vs. Desert.

I’ll bet you have questions up to and including:  Is it safe?  Why are you doing this?  The desert?!?  Won’t you be bored? And hot? And dirty?  What is there to do?  The reasons to follow along with me on this are simple.  You may get answers, and have your point of view shift a little bit. That is the goal.

Here’s what to expect.  I’m blogging to keep track of my details, like a to-do list I’m sharing with you.  Also, to leave a record for the future, because this is the beginning of a teaching series and I want the knowledge archived for myself and others for future reference.  And because I don’t know what is going to happen.  Which is scary and cool. In short, expect the expected, but also expect the unexpected.

Let’s get started.  Time to plan.

Step 1:  Safety First and Always

Get a plan, stick to it.  Spread the word about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing.  I’ve told family, alerted friends, requested information from experts and received it, put my intentions on my blog – basically I have left a big, fat electronic footprint about this so as to minimize the guesswork if I need help.  Trusted loved ones will have the exact details. Everyone else will have an idea.  I’m building a safety net I hope not to need.

Step 2:  Get Prepared

I’ll list what I’m bringing and post pics, but I also love the intangible wisdom I learn as I follow the process.  I’ll post that as well in the edits. See below for things as they stand at the moment.

  • Lead Time – I need at least 48 hours lead time to prepare to my satisfaction.  Although impulses to adventure are spontaneous, follow through should never be.  This is serious business and has its risks.  Give it the respect it deserves and prepare well. This falls into the wisdom category.
  • High Tech Prep – Assemble cameras and accessories.  Make sure to have backup batteries, and that all batteries are fully charged.  Make sure all SD Cards wiped and ready, have backups if you can. GPS, phone and charger, headphones.  Know where you have phone coverage and where you do not.
  • Low Tech Prep – I can be an old-fashioned kind of girl.  Like 10,000 BCE old fashioned.  So I love to take my low-tech survival gear with me and use it.  Such as my rabbit skin blanket, several types of fire-starting tools, homemade water containers, leather moccasins and halfchaps, etc.  Details to follow in later posts, but I’ll know I’ll always bring along some kind of primitive gear to test and use.
  • Mechanical Prep – Gas in car, tires inflated and inspected, spare located and in good condition, brakes in good shape – car in overall good working order.  For the record, I will not be going off road on this trip, so I will not be preparing to that level at this time. AAA card is in my wallet, just in case.
  • Biological Prep – This includes first aid supplies, hygiene (and water budgeted for that), food, water, clothing, sun protection, and medications (this means coffee, folks.  Caffeine withdrawals will ruin a trip. Avoid.) Wallet, ID, etc.
  • Entertainment – This whole adventure is entertainment for me, but I’ll always bring along pencil and paper, or book, or craft, just in case I’m stuck in the car in a downpour or some such.
  • Personal Safety – Pepper spray, heavy staff, whistle, situational awareness and common sense.

That about sums up the plan for preparation at the moment. I’m going to finish working on it now, and I’ll post edits as I go. Stay tuned for further episodes as we haul off into the wild on our high desert adventure.

Got Ideas? Leave a Comment.

Did I miss something?  Got an idea or concern?  Leave me a comment, let’s talk about it.  It’s all a part of the process, and I want to know what you think.

More to follow!

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