When to Harvest Your Pomegranates (Video)

Video Transcript

hello everyone and welcome to suburban Stone Age Rebecca here and today we’re gonna talk about when to pick your pomegranates! So I’m up in the pomegranate tree in my front yard as you know we have an edible food forest here at our house and you can see it’s mid-october and you can see the pomegranates are nice beautiful and ripe but how do you know when they are ready to pick because they stop ripening when you pick them you want to try to find the balance between being perfectly ripe but not overripe so that they begin to split like this guy so what you’re gonna look for is on this flower part and this is a wonderful variety of pomegranates step back here’s obviously yucky but this is a wonderful pomegranate and see how the flower tips have started to get brown and dry and are hard this one has just recently split so that’s you want to catch it when they’re both brown and dry but before they crack so a good candidate for that would be like this guy you see it where it’s got great color it’s really big the flower tips are dry and brown but it hasn’t yet split so I will probably come out here you use the Clippers to harvest them you clip the hard stem off um this one’s a double and then they’re ready to go here’s another big one that’s that’s in good shape and ready to go see how it’s it’s brown that would be a good one to pick right now too big it is it’s bigger the hand that one’s gonna be phenomenal now one that you might consider leaving for a little bit longer say like this guy here the flower tips it just doesn’t look quite right it’s not as big as it could be the flowers are still kind of plump they haven’t shoveled and started to die back so I’m going to leave this one and let it go a little bit bigger same with this guy it’s it’s not ready yet I’m gonna leave that one and this is what happens when you wait too long they will split open and then the birds the pups will love them so they will come in and start to eat the fruits another one that was just at the splitting phase and the little flower parts have fallen off but that one got raided by critters so I’ll leave that one here too so here we have our lovely ripe pomegranate that was harvested off the tree and it’s plump it’s heavy for its weight or for its size its skin looks thin and and and full like it’s it’s about ready to to burst these are all good signs that the pomegranate is ripe I’m gonna cut one open now that we’ve harvested it we’ll look inside and we’ll see what we find if we cut that be very careful see you should see all these beautiful beautiful red arrows all the seeds come out nice and juicy and this juice will stain see how that lovely pomegranate juice so good there’s lots of techniques tips and tricks on how to cut a pomegranate that’s a different video but this is what you’re gonna find when you pick them when they’re perfectly ripe so I hope you enjoy your delicious sweet beautiful fresh pomegranates so let me know if you have any tips to share on how you harvest your pomegranates if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel there’s gonna be a lot happening this fall and we’d love to see you join the adventure and as always if you want to know more about the fruits that we grow or our edible landscaping just leave a comment for us and we’ll start a conversation thanks again and we’ll talk soon

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