Rain Barrels and Harvesting Rain Water – Rain Water Solutions Micro-Documentary

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Rain Water Solutions partnered with Suburban Stone Age to film this micro-documentary on the impact rain barrels can have towards making sustainable changes at Home. We have had rain barrels for three years now, and they have been the instrumental in helping us survive the historic California drought. Enjoy this video and please leave us […]

Do Siberian Huskies Shed?

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Siberian Husky Shedding Coat Video Transcript ▼ this is Roxy our a Siberian Husky Buck see hey Roxy cuckoo Danny now and she’s shedding right now it’s spring this is what it looks like you can see the fur crater where all her hair isn’t and then when a husky blows their coat in spring […]

Permaculture – Promises Kept

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The gardens at Suburban Stone Age have been strongly influenced by permaculture concepts. For those new to the term, permaculture is defined by Wikipedia as “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” The promise is that if your follow Nature’s grand design, you […]