(VIDEO) How To Compost at Suburban Stone Age

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How To Compost Learning how to compost is an essential skill for an organic, sustainable garden.  In this video post, I discuss how to compost by using materials from our garden at Suburban Stone Age.  I’ll take you step by step through the process, beginning with preparation of the materials, to mixing a batch, and on […]

Vegetable Garden: One Potato, Two Potato

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Why Grow Potatoes? Ahh, the beloved potato.  This starchy little turd-shaped tuber we all know and love is responsible for so much prosperity and sometimes misery.  Beginning in the ancient Andes region of South America and spreading to every corner of the modern world, the human-potato partnership has grown to blockbuster proportions over thousands of years. […]

Edible Landscaping: Backyard Orchard Care

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When considering edible landscaping options, a backyard orchard may make a lot of sense.  However, it is important to consider that while fruit trees can be lovely and highly productive, they are not without maintenance.  If you are considering fruit trees as a part of your edible landscaping designs, here are some backyard orchard tips […]

Lamb’s Ear: Putting a Useful Plant To The Test

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Lamb’s Ear Overview Lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina) is one of my new favorite plants.  Known for its light gray-green color and ultra fuzzy leaves, this low growing border plant is much more than just a pretty face.  It is useful, edible, kid friendly, hardy, drought tolerant, and attracts bees like nobody’s business. Intrigued?  So was […]