Edible Landscaping: From Lawn to Garden

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Why Edible Landscaping? Edible landscaping is the practice of removing ornamentals and replacing them with edible plants.  In our water district, it is estimated that over 50% of all household water is used to water landscaping.  With sustainability in mind, it stands to reason that if you are going to spend money and resources to […]

There’s No Place Like Home: Bird Houses for Western Bluebirds

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The Western Bluebird is a cavity nesting bird that has been in decline due to habitat loss.   They also eat insects, which is helpful in my organic gardening efforts.  Because Suburban Stone Age was once Western Bluebird habitat, I have devoted myself to restoring habitat to them by providing the one thing they need […]

The Bug House: Attract Ladybugs and Mason Bees

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Why The Bug House? Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and mason bees, provide important garden services. They play a big role in organic pest control and crop pollination.  You can attract these beneficial insects to your garden by providing habitat for them in the form of bug houses.  Bug houses can be purchased online (see left photo), or […]

Everything Loves to Eat Chicken: A Guide to Securing Your Coop from Predators

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Nobody wants to come home and find a crime scene in their coop. Having recently suffered the loss of my entire flock of chickens, I devoted myself to researching ways to rebuild my coop more securely. I wanted to help other chicken keepers avoid the same heartache I experienced, so I complied this table of predators and […]

Thanksgiving : Top 5 Countdown

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So Much to be Thankful for! It has been almost two years since we began our adventures living a more sustainable life.  In that time, we’ve harvested $1793.49 in food from our backyard, collected and eaten 1402 eggs, managed to find something to do with 151 pounds of tomatoes, baked and devoured almost 200 loaves of bread, […]