There’s No Place Like Home: Bird Houses for Western Bluebirds

The Western Bluebird is a cavity nesting bird that has been in decline due to habitat loss.   They also eat insects, which is helpful in my organic gardening efforts.  Because Suburban Stone Age was once Western Bluebird habitat, I have devoted myself to restoring habitat to them by providing the one thing they need most: bird houses for nesting. Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home: Bird Houses for Western Bluebirds” »

The Bug House: Attract Ladybugs and Mason Bees

Why The Bug House?

bug hotel suburban stone age smBeneficial insects, such as ladybugs and mason bees, provide important garden services. They play a big role in organic pest control and crop pollination.  You can attract these beneficial insects to your garden by providing habitat for them in the form of bug houses.  Bug houses can be purchased online (see left photo), or you can build your own with materials found around the house.

DIY Bug House

The picture below is an example of a bug house I built in 15 minutes using reclaimed scrap wood.   Continue reading “The Bug House: Attract Ladybugs and Mason Bees” »

Everything Loves to Eat Chicken: A Guide to Securing Your Coop from Predators

Nobody wants to come home and find a crime scene in their coop.

Having recently suffered the loss of my entire flock of chickens, I devoted myself to researching ways to rebuild my coop more securely.

I wanted to help other chicken keepers avoid the same heartache I experienced, so I complied this table of predators and coop solutions.  The goal is to help folks in many different situations mix and match their approach to protecting their chickens from predators.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Chicken Coop Predators INFO

Bread: And The Loaf Shall Rise Again

Is Yeast Our Friend?

Yes, yes it is.  Watching bread rise is about as much fun as watching grass grow or paint dry (don’t worry, at SSA we’ll probably be watching those too).    This is why we’ve sped things up a bit.  We’ve talked about yeast before, but I still think it should get a little more face time.  I took it upon myself to declare today National Appreciate Your Yeast Day.  So let’s take 30 seconds out of our busy lives to thank yeast and all they do.  Without them, there’d be no bread or beer.  Little yeasty buddies, we salute you!