Siberian Husky Shedding (Blowing) Her Coat

September 16, 2015 Agricultural Age

Siberian Husky Coat Harvest As you know from previous posts, our Siberian Husky Roxy is the family sheep.  We harvest her undercoat and use it to spin yarn and weave hats and scarves.  In case you haven’t seen what it is like when a Husky blows their coat, the video below will give you a taste […]

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Edible Landscaping – Winter Garden Update

February 22, 2015 Agricultural Age

Winter Garden Happenings Spring is coming, here is a quick edible landscaping update on our winter garden!

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(VIDEO) Spinning with the Babe’s Pinkie Spinning Wheel

May 30, 2014 Agricultural Age

Spinning is Old School Spinning with a spinning wheel originally dates back to around the 11th century.  Here at Suburban Stone Age, it dates back to last month.  After 120 agonizing days spinning with a drop spindle in 2010, I swore the next time I’d make yarn I’d be doing it with a spinning wheel. […]

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(VIDEO) Edible Landscaping Tour at Suburban Stone Age

May 11, 2014 Agricultural Age

You asked for it, and here it is! Come along for a personal, first-time-ever video tour of Suburban Stone Age! Apparently, I’m a talker, because this vid is almost 30 mins long. But if you have the attention span, I’ll share with you (in detail!) the edible landscaping as SSA and why we planted the […]

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(VIDEO) How to Build a Fire with Flint and Steel

May 4, 2014 Spring

When camping for the weekend, I love to take the opportunity to practice survival skills.  This weekend I was testing out how to build a fire with flint and steel.  This technique dates back to the Iron Age, and is still incredibly effective today.  Find out how to use flint and steel, along with what […]

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(VIDEO) Going Tropical in the Greenhouse

April 20, 2014 Agricultural Age

Let’s face it… a greenhouse in Southern California isn’t *really* necessary. True, it’s great for starting seeds in the spring. But in summer it gets as hot as the surface of the sun, and in winter it stays only a few degrees above freezing. Because I don’t do a lot of container gardening, the greenhouse […]

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Urban Beekeeping When You Can’t Keep Honey Bees

March 25, 2014 Agricultural Age

Urban Beekeeping For The Rest of Us Urban beekeeping is a rising trend among many who are interested in producing their own source of honey and interacting with honey bees.  Unfortunately, there may be several reasons why a would-be backyard beekeeper is unable to start and maintain a honey beehive of their own.   Challenges […]

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Go Solar! Our Experience Putting Solar Panels On Our Home, Part 2

November 2, 2013 Fall

In our previous article, we discussed why we chose to go solar, what the advantages and disadvantages were, and how the process was progressing so far.  This article picks up where we left off.  Today we’ll discuss the final steps in the installation process, and what it has been like to have the panels installed […]

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