Urban Beekeeping When You Can’t Keep Honey Bees

March 25, 2014 Agricultural Age

Urban Beekeeping For The Rest of Us Urban beekeeping is a rising trend among many who are interested in producing their own source of honey and interacting with honey bees.  Unfortunately, there may be several reasons why a would-be backyard beekeeper is unable to start and maintain a honey beehive of their own.   Challenges […]

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Go Solar! Our Experience Putting Solar Panels On Our Home, Part 2

November 2, 2013 Fall

In our previous article, we discussed why we chose to go solar, what the advantages and disadvantages were, and how the process was progressing so far.  This article picks up where we left off.  Today we’ll discuss the final steps in the installation process, and what it has been like to have the panels installed […]

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Cover Crops For The Home Garden

October 18, 2013 Agricultural Age

What Are Cover Crops? Cover crops are plants that are grown not for the food they produce, but for other beneficial work they do.  Also know as  “living mulches” or “green manure”, a cover crop is an essential part of sustainable agriculture.  Cover crops help bridge the gap between removing matter from the field in […]

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California Tarantulas Are Looking For Love This Fall

October 3, 2013 Fall

The hubby saw this (big) little guy and jumped out of his chair saying “WHAT THE …?!?”

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Monarch Butterfly: How To Help

September 20, 2013 Agricultural Age

The Iconic Monarch Butterfly The monarch butterfly is one of the most beloved and widely recognized butterflies in the world.  Its vivid orange and black wings make it easy to recognize.  The monarch butterfly and its beauty have come to represent butterflies and conservation issues everywhere.

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(VIDEO) How To Compost at Suburban Stone Age

September 8, 2013 Agricultural Age

How To Compost Learning how to compost is an essential skill for an organic, sustainable garden.  In this video post, I discuss how to compost by using materials from our garden at Suburban Stone Age.  I’ll take you step by step through the process, beginning with preparation of the materials, to mixing a batch, and on […]

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Edible Landscaping Under Trees: A Cautionary Tale

September 2, 2013 Agricultural Age

I’m learning a painful lesson right now about edible landscaping. This picture is of a patch of dead leaves that has been steadily growing on my Chinese pistache. Underneath this tree are several tomato vines, pumpkins, basil, lettuce, and melons. In my eagerness to try out some edibles in the former lawn under the tree, […]

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(Journal) Documenting the day to day life of a suburban homestead

August 27, 2013 Journal

As the years roll by and Suburban Stone Age matures, I felt is was important to capture the thoughts and feelings that went along with building a more sustainable modern life. Not everyone may be interested in reading the “touchy-feely” parts all of the time, so I made a special blog post category just for […]

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