Organic Pest Control: The Lady with the Ladybugs – Follow Up

Where Did We Leave Off?

In my fist lady bug episode, I was going to bust out the big guns on my aphid problem with a plastic bag of red speckled whoop-ass.  I let the ladybugs go in my greenhouse, and waited to see what happened.

Did Releasing Ladybugs Work?

No.  At least, not yet.  Its been three weeks, and I still have a severe aphid problem.  The bag originally had 1500 ladybugs in it,  Today I counted about 10 that I could still see in the greenhouse.

What Went Wrong?

Honestly, I think the biggest problem was my expectations.  I expected the ladybugs to  Continue reading “Organic Pest Control: The Lady with the Ladybugs – Follow Up” »

Organic Pest Control: The Lady with the Ladybugs

You Have an Aphid Outbreak, Now What?

I have a little problem in my greenhouse.  At first there were only a few black dots on the miner’s lettuce.  I went into denial.  Surely, I thought, because it is December, I can’t have aphids.  But yes, indeed, there they were.  I was hoping a cold snap would come along and nuke them all and I could relax again until spring, but nature did not deliver.  Instead we got December temperatures in the 80’s.  Ignoring the problem wasn’t working and they finally swamped my plants so bad I could no longer let them have the upper hand.  It was time to make some decisions and go to war.  Because I am committed to raising my plants organically, pesticides were off the table.  Manual removal by way of smashing was only denting the population for a day or so.  I have heard of soaps and other things, but I didn’t want to wash anything off my foliage if I didn’t have to, organic product or not.  So, I turned to the ravenous wolves of the aphid world: ladybugs.

These are aphids infesting my miner’s lettuce. It started to have a big impact on the plant, so it was time to take action.


Predator and Prey is Nature’s Way: Beneficial Insects

What better way to fight fire with fire than to let nature takes its course?  By using ladybugs as beneficial insects in my greenhouse, I now have a renewable, chemical free army to do my aphid removal.   Continue reading “Organic Pest Control: The Lady with the Ladybugs” »